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Hello, I’m Stefani

I’m the owner and founder of December Oak, a collaborative design studio based in Michigan. We work with business owners looking to elevate their brands and websites to create a more immersive experience for their audience.

After 10 years in business, my aim is to help fellow designers think outside the box, approach their business from a place of fulfillment, and share what I know to help others not make the same mistakes I’ve made.

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Each month, I’ll be hosting a pitch-free webinar on a number of topics. For just $1 a month, join us to ask your questions and hear from me and expert guests.

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I will be debuting a new signature course all about website strategy and design.

Launching in fall 2024.

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Resources, templates for Webflow, code snippets for Showit, and more.

Launching in fall 2024.

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